A long time ago, when the Earth was a very young and formless rock, Mother Nature surveyed the planet and animated the essences of all things so that they could protect the newly formed planet.

There was a sudden flicker that became a massive spark, and thus the Chibi Essence were born from this. The Chibi Essence were the soul and spirit of all things that were forming on Earth and long before the presence of people or animals, the planet already teemed with Chibi Essence. Kibuclu was the first Chibi Essence that Mother Nature breathed to life. And so he was the Essence of Life. And on it went…

The world was alive: The air talked to the sea. The ground talked to fire. And, like all children, the Chibi Essence loved to play.

The Chibi Essence welcomed and celebrated the coming of Human Kind, as they did with all forms of life. They helped the humans grow and flourish.

When the humans needed fire, Firetop, the Chibi Essence of fire, was the one that showed humans how to make it so that Man would always be warm and have light.

The Chibi Essence Bark Terror and Mud Pie helped the humans build the first home.

And Splash Fun and Drennch, the Water Essence, taught mankind how to fish.

But eventually, mankind started following arrogant leaders that ignored the Chibi Essence. The humans, as they evolved, became more destructive and wasteful. As human civilization advanced over time, they consumed more and more resources: Whole forests were cut down with no replanting. The ground became pock-marked from mining ore. Garbage and chemicals completely destroyed the environment.

The Chibi Essence tried to warn Man, but he had lost the ability to listen or even see them anymore. Angered by the fact that Man had turned a blind eye to the Essence of Nature, many of the Chibi Essence had a global meeting. From that point onwards, the Chibi Essence became mischievous and sought to hinder mankind.

There are some Chibi Essence that would prefer to play tricks on the humans. But despite all of these grievances against Mother Nature, not all was lost with Mankind. There was still benevolence to be found. For example, there are people who save endangered species and there are huge protests to protect the Amazon jungle. These kind events are small whispers from the Old Mystic kingdom. They are echoes from a time that is almost forgotten.

Today, as in the past, hope for the future is ultimately on the children. With untainted innocence, many small boys and girls have begun to see and hear the Chibi Essence again. And many have even managed to open the eyes and ears of adults. Together maybe the Chibi Essence and Man can compromise again and create a better tomorrow. This would make the Chibi Essence very happy.

Only time will tell…