Chibi Essence: Series 3

Here is a quick look at our Chibi Essence -third series In their translucent form.

ashash Bambu ChibiKaze KimChi MomoSpore SplashFun Vyva


Chibi Muerte- Pets: Sculpts

You’ve seen our drawings, now here are the sculpts! After going through our process of getting the designs approved, these little guys are then hand sculpted before moving to the next stage, which is making molds. Continue Reading

First Look: Wicked Line Up – Drawings

Introducing our Wicked Chibi Muerte Line. Here is the artwork of the next new wave coming soon. Stay tuned for the sculpts and bio to come! Gabriela Juan Leticia Marco Ricardo Continue Reading

Glow In The Dark Exclusives

Here is the list of our 2017 Glow in the dark Comicon exclusives! These are from our 2nd series. From our foodie fiery friend Ash-Ash, Bam-bu the poet, Chi-Bella the fashion designer, Kim-Chi the adventurer, Momo-Spore the scrambled mind, Splash-Fun our fun expert, and Vyva our artist/nurse.  These are only sold at comic con’s and… Continue Reading

Chibi Muerte-Available Online!

Announcing the launch of our new product, Chibi Muerte, it is now available for sale at our online store:   All the figures run for $19.99 plus tax. Collect them all while they’re here.   Continue Reading

First Look: Chibi Muerte Animal Avatar Designs

First Look Chibi Muerte : Animal Avatar Designs Here is an introduction to our New Chibi Muerte Avatars! These cuties will help their Chibi Muerte Family and Friends in the human world! Continue Reading

Thank you Phoenix Fans

Thank you everyone @Phoenix Comicon for supporting us year after year ^_^. If it weren’t for great fans like you, we wouldn’t have had this amazing family (you- our fans) growing! At this show, we launched all the Chibi Muerte for the first time. Thank you @Maggie_Z_Artist for all the time and love you have put… Continue Reading

This Week Giveaway!

Hello Fans! This week, we are celebrating #NationalBrothersday this April – 10, 2017 ^_^. My oldest brother, also known as my best friend! He helps me with my homework, we play video games , and he always know how to make me laugh. This celebration is special to because we get to show how much we appreciate… Continue Reading

Coming Soon!

Chibi Muerte will be available for purchase through our website (MYTH GLOBAL) ^_^. Keep updated with our newsletter for further notice! Here is Chibi Muerte in it’s boxes. You can get each figure signed by @Maggie_Z_Artist per request ^_^ Rosa Luis Margarita Javier Adriana Arturo Hurry while supplies last! Continue Reading

Phoenix Comicon 2017

Phoenix Comicon 2017 HERE WE COME ^_^ Name: Phoenix Comicon 2017 Location/Date: Phoenix Covention  Center  Address: 100 N 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004 (May 25 – 28) (Thursday – Sunday)   Booth: 1267, 1269, 1366, 1368 In appreciation to our huge fan base in Phoenix, 6 Exclusives will be release at Phoenix Comicon. This is… Continue Reading