Fan Club Appreciation Exclusive- Summer 2014

Its Here! 

This is a friendly reminder to get your information in for the free Fan Club Appreciation- while supplies last.
If you have already submitted your information, you should have already received a confirmation and your Free Chibi Essence should be on its way.  Please give it 2-3 weeks for the figure to ship.
Remember to share this with your Family and Friends!
NOT SOLD ANYWHERE ELSE, for Fan Club Members only.

Here is how to get it:
-Send us a picture of you and your Chibi Essence.

-Provide us with your Name and mailing address, where Your FREE exclusive will be sent.

Jane Doe
123 Some Street
Some City, State 12345

That is all! Your Free Fan Club Appreciation Exclusive will be on its way!

We LOVE you so much- we are going to pay for shipping!

Hurry! While supplies last!! 

If you are under the age of 18, be sure to get your parents to review and discuss these with you.

Thank you for being a Fan Club Member!

Chibi Essence Team